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Iíve been waiting for years for someone more qualified than I am, someone who is a better writer than I am, someone more well-known and more theoretical than I am, and more authoritative than I am to write about what has happened to the United States. Unfortunately, no one has stepped forward who has what I consider a good explanation, so Iíll give it a try myself. Iíve thought about it for a couple of decades now and I have a lot of ideas and explanations.

Who am I to try such a profound task? Iím nobody special, just a participant who has actively considered the situation for a long time. All in all, I think I am as qualified as anyone else is, perhaps more qualified than most because, in my opinion, Iíve thought about it more deeply than most, been more open-minded all along than most people Iíve met, and done a greater variety of things than most have. Having a natural distaste for most aspects of modern popular culture, and its fads, icons and language, also helps in avoiding traps and pitfalls.

A silly, jargon expression around today is ďthinking outside the box.Ē When I first heard this, I thought: What box? Iíve never been in any box. (We donít need no stinking boxes!) But I know thatís in no way universally true, and it is the principal reason for why we remain stuck in the same mire. Ever since I discovered, at age 37, that I am dyslexic, Iíve realized why there are no boxes. My internal wiring is different. It might be a bug, but itís also a feature, and Iíve tried to take full advantage of it ever since.

I donít claim to have all of the answers. My approach is more to suggest different ways of looking at situations and problems. Making connections between events or ideas or philosophies is one way of doing that. Pointing out false connections that have been accepted in the past (or present) is another. In the jargon of the day, people speak of ďconnecting the dots.Ē Unfortunately, this usually means that they will set to connecting some dots that someone else has chosen for them. I pick my own dots. Thatís probably why Iíve never gotten rich or been someoneís ďfair-haired boy,Ē to be nurtured on to glory and success.

There are a few principles that guide me:

  • Be honest. I might not always get everything right, but I am trying to do things for the right reason, and not just because it benefits me.

  • Donít try to force others to live their lives to please me. If they want to have abortions or guns or strange religions or wear fur or drive suvs, that's their business, not mine. Iím no bigot.

  • Donít be arrogant. There is no perfect political program or philosophy. Learning comes more from listening than from talking.

  • Apply common sense. This is harder than it sounds. First one must purge all of the propaganda that has been absorbed over a lifetime. Otherwise, one will be thinking inside someone elseís box and connecting someone elseís dots.

If you agree that I might have some useful contribution to make, please read on. One warning: this wonít be scholarly writing, nor particularly theoretical. Iíll try to take things in small bites and try not to be ponderous or long-winded. It will be personal. It will be different and varied. Iíve evolved, and thatís what I know, so Iíll illustrate where necessary with my own experiences. Sometimes I may approach some things as a journey, the one I took when I reevaluated my political views a few years ago. I donít do this because I think Iím someone special or because I think anyone is particularly interested in me, but because I think itís the best way to get certain points across to people who might thinking of taking such a trip themselves.

Everyone who wants to make a better country and world needs a new strategy; the ones out there now are pretty banged up and worn out. I hope that this helps us develop one.

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