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Twenty Years of the CIO — 
This is a great piece of

The Ethical Spectacle
Fascinating Video Lecture
International Journal
    of Occupational and
    Environmental Health
Students for Concealed
     Carry on Campus

Gun Sales Up, Violent

     Crime Down (Again)

Book Review:
“The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor — The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi” This is a fascinating book about a labor leader who has had tremendous influence on our lives, but whose name is not even known by millions of Americans. Please read my review.


Fascinating Video Lecture

Most people are by now familiar with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. It is not so well-known, however, that there were several large federal and military bureaucracies involved in trying to show that those Japanese-Americans were actually disloyal. University of North Carolina Law Professor Eric L. Muller wrote a book on the subject and gave a lecture on the topic (shown in this 90-minute video). Muller not only enlightens us about the topic, but ties it in to current government actions regarding the military’s desires to have “law-free zones” in which it can do what it wishes with aliens and so-called enemy combatants. Watching it will be well worth your time:

American Inquisition: The Hunt for Japanese Americans Disloyalty in World War II

Professor Muller’s web site is: www.isthatlegal.org

Politically Oriented Places:

Ethical, Political and Legal Sites on the Web LaborNet
Electronic Frontier Foundation Unions and Organizations on LaborNet
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Skeptic Magazine KPFA Radio
The United States Senate Reason Online
Senators with Constituent E-Mail Addresses Libertarian Party

Interesting Places:

The Ethical Spectacle
This is a very interesting site and I highly recommend it. It contains essays on various topics, along with guest articles and reader responses. And the publisher is not one to try to stifle views different from his own.
A Letter to the ACLU About Its Second Amendment Policy
Myth of the Brown Recluse in California

Is and Was

Dead People Server
The Obituary Page

There used to be a reference to Mother Jones Magazine here, but I have withdrawn it. In light of that magazine's brain-dead, dishonest, one-sided writing against the Second Amendment, I refuse to give it any credit for anything. If it is dishonest in one area, how can it be trusted in any other?

Reference and Quotation Places:

U.S. Constitution - Table of Articles Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions The Quotations Page
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page Good Quotes
CIA World Factbook, 2003 Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations 1950–1988
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the US
American Heritage® Book of English Usage

Beer and Spirits Information Sites:

Culver City Home Brewing Supply Samuel Adams!
The Beer Info Source Campaign for Real Ale Home Page
Edinburgh malt whisky tour DME Brewing Services


TEI's Random Joke Server

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Abandoned Subway Stations
Tolkien FAQs
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
Software Tool & Die: Home Page

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